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    page over flow - please turn over


      Is it possible to add text "please turn over"  if the page overflows to another page?


      I have designed an  In design document that get variable data filled from an external source. When this happens the page may or may not overflow to a new page depending on the data that goes in the document.

      I want to is to add text "please turn over" only if the page over flows? How do I do this? Can this done in In design? Page Overflow works fine. Not sure how to add a conditional text. Is there a way to check if page overflows in design?

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          Pages do not overflow in InDesign, textframes do.


          Beware of terminology issues. In scripting, textframes have a property "overflows", which indicates there is "overset" text in the frame, that is, there is not room enough in that particular text frame for all of the text and it does not thread to a next frame. That last part is, by the way, the indicator you are looking for here: if a text frame "nextTextFrame" is valid, then there is a possibility text runs from the current into that next frame.


          It's only a possibility because it is perfectly valid and possible (and often true) that this next frame is totally empty, so you might want to double-check on that.