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    Had to rebuild system: Media Offline (in red) on some clips. WTH? How to reconnect?

    msp1518 Level 1

      This is likely siple, but I'm stumped. My O.S. (Win7 Pro) became hopelesly corupted, so I was forced to reinstall. I'm done, CS5 back up and running, but I have a project that is acting wonky.


      ABout a dozen of the clips in the timeline/sequence are RED and show as Media Offline. Now, when I open the project I don't get a popup looking for them. The clips are all AVI files and I have checked and yes, they are where they are supposed to be.


      What is the process of having Premiere Pro understand where they are again? I'm not finding an answer that works.


      Thanks again. I am sure I will have other questions.


      Oh yeah, like, how do I get Media Encoder to stop using my SSD drive (my C drive) as the location where it does it's thing? You know... you Export to the Queue and it bring up Media Encoder and the sequence might be headed for the drive you tell it, but it clearly shows the C drive as the temp place or whatever. I made the change long ago, but now forget.