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    Disc Menu faulty

    The great dog Chippie

      I have PE 10.  When I try to apply the disc menu to the project, the template appears but the menu text items do not appear.  The only text item that appears is the Movie Title and the play button.  Any ideas how to fix?  Thanks

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          nealeh Level 5

          You need to add markers to your timeline (it should have warned you about the lack of markers when you applied the template). Your simplest route would be to convert the project back to autoplay, add your markers, then apply the template again.





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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Also, exactly which Menu Set Template did you use?


            Going back to PrE 9, some acted wonky (highly technical editing term... ), but from all reports, those issues were all fixed in PrE 10.


            Good luck, and I think that Neale's suggestion will trigger your Scene Selection Menus, and also a Scene Selection Button on the Main Menu.



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              The great dog Chippie Level 1

              Thanks that Helped and saved me time.


              Thank You again



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                Hello, hopefully someone sees this, as i need help fast. premiere elements 10. simple. i add a disc menu, add backround video, create markers, scene selection, no problem. i save, it looks the same, fine, and exit. come back to it and all the text in the buttons/boxes labeled 'menu' and 'scene selection', and all of those, all of the text is huge and the boxes are way different then what i left them. Please help!

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Wow! That is new to me.


                  To clarify, are you saying that you apply all Markers to the Timeline (remember, no Stop Marker at the end of the Timeline), then Select and Apply a Menu Set, which shows in the area below the Menu Editor. You then edit the "placeholder" Text in the Menu Set, and all is good. However, when you exit that Project, and revisit it, the original placeholder Text is back, replacing the changes that you made, and now the font size is much larger?


                  • What is your OS?
                  • Which Menu Set did you choose?
                  • Which font did you choose, when you altered the placeholder Text, or did you just leave that at the default?
                  • Is your Project on an internal HDD, or on an external, or networked HDD?
                  • Can you post a screen-cap, showing the Menu Editing Panel, with the "bad" Text in it?


                  Good luck,



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                    Evanf1237 Level 1

                    I marked all scenes, didn't put one at the end. Applied movie menu 

                    secret spy, I think? Changed the background. And where it says 'menu' 

                    and 'scene selection' and those buttons, I just adjust the box and the 

                    size of text. Saved, went out, and went back in. And the background 

                    was the same, but the text and box was NOT what I put it as.


                    I use windows 7, 64 bit

                    I save it on the 500 gb hard drive in my laptop.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      OK, so you did not change the font, but just the Text and the Text Box size?


                      One thing to remember is that in the world of DVD, Buttons may NOT overlap, even by 1 pixel. The size of a Button is defined as a bounding box, that encompasses ALL elements in that Button, with about 2 extra pixels, all around. When one expands a Button, if it overlaps another Button, that is not allowed by the DVD-specs.


                      However, if one is JUST adjusting Text, or graphics, which are NOT Buttons, there is no issue.


                      Were any of the elements, that you resized/scaled Buttons?



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                        Evanf1237 Level 1

                        i re sized buttons yes, and i made sure NO buttons were over lapping...

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          OK, that could explain why PrE might have re-sized them back.


                          I am at a loss on this next point, as I do not use PrE for my authoring to DVD, or BD, but instead use Adobe Encore, which is included with Premiere Pro. It has a function, in the Menu editing Panel, where one can see the bounding boxes of all Buttons, and see if they ARE overlapping. I do not know of such in PrE, but that might be my lack of experience with that aspect of the program.


                          On Main Menus, this is often less of a problem, as there are fewer Buttons, but one can still scale them, to where they DO overlap. On a Scene Selection Menu, it is easy to scale beyond the allowable (the allowable = zero overlap), since there are more Buttons.


                          I would explore that potential problem, to see if it might play a role.


                          There could also be something else going on, that might be going over my head. As mentioned, I work with PrE's authoring, and its Menu Sets, mostly for experimentation for threads in this forum. I construct my Menus (Menu Sets are done manually in Encore) in Photoshop, so go about things a bit differently. However, many others here DO use PrE for authoring, so will have more insight, and also maybe more suggestions.


                          Good luck,



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                            Evanf1237 Level 1

                            Yes in premiere elements 10, it shows you if they're over lapping. mine are not. in fact, now i have a different problem. i was trying to refix it , so i pressed auto play, and then went back and added it, but now, when i put a video in the background, the audio doesnt play. I even tryed uploading the audio itself to the audio place, but that didn't work. could you please help me fix my new problem? Thanks

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              Yes in premiere elements 10, it shows you if they're over lapping. mine are not.


                              Thank you for that. You have taught me something today. Thank you.


                              As for the new issue, I would choose AutoPlay, to clear all Menus and links to them. Then, do a Save_As for your Project, say incrementing it with [Project Name]_01. Close PrE, and turn off the computer. Do a cold boot, and launch PrE, loading that Save_As Project. Try selecting a Menu Set again, then linking to the Audio and Video. Also, check the formats of your linked Audio and Video files, for the Motion Backgrounds.


                              Good luck,



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                                Evanf1237 Level 1

                                haha thanks but i found out premiere elements had permanantly deleted the audio, so i had to go download the video again. the audio works now! YAY! .... 




                                But still not the buttons... Any more suggestions?

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                                  Evanf1237 Level 1

                                  Oh and quick question!? How can you make disc menu screen longer than 30 sec?

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    That 30 sec. limit is one built into PrE.


                                    Other full-featured authoring programs can do longer Durations for Motion Menus. I know that Adobe Encore can, though it is NOT available, other than bundled with Adobe Premiere Pro. I do not know about Sony's DVD Architect, but think that it does not have that same limit. Others here know that program, and can tell you if it has such a limitation.


                                    One consideration is the limit of the DVD-specs. One cannot have Menus, plus ALL of their Assets, like Motion Menus, or Audio, exceed 1GB. That is for everything, related to Menus and navigation. Everything MUST fit into the first VOB in the VIDEO_TS folder. This is a limitation of the DVD-specs., and is not a restriction of the authoring program - even the US$ 50,000 Sonic Scenarist has THAT limit.


                                    Glad that you got your Project working.


                                    Good luck,




                                    PS - With my DVD-Video Projects, though Encore does not have that 30 sec. limit, I still do not use longer Motion/Audio Menus, than about 45 sec., as I anticipate the the viewer will make a selection, before that time. If one has a longer composition, that they want the viewer to have access to, the workaround is to do a Play First Video, before the Main Menu. However, PrE cannot do that either, but DVD Architect (and other full-featured authoring programs) can.