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    Weird Rendering Problem


      I am working on a video project for my son (school project he's 9 ). The source is from my wife's digital camera and is mpeg format. I imported it into Premiere Pro 5.5 and did all my editing such as transitions, filters and such. Had it render the entire work area and everything looks great. It is going to be used in Encore for a DVD so I choose Mpeg-2 blueray (chose blueray because mpeg-2 dvd is locked at 720x480 and I want it at 1280x720). I then queue it up to Media Encoder and this is where the problem starts. If I select either render at maximum bit depth or maximum render quality and then queue it up it starts rendering just fine until it gets to where I added any filters. What happens is I can see the video in the preview window start to disappear and reappear and everytime it reappears it has black and purple bars running through it. It then looks normal for a few frames and then repeats the black and purple bar issue.


      If I do not select either the render at maximun bit depth or maximum render quality the problem does not occur and the video is exported without a problem. Any ideas?

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          Stephen_Spider Level 3

          1st, DVDs are 720 by 480 so outputting 720p or a bluRay standard is no benefit.


          Next, you don't need maximum bit depth, again, no benefit.


          If the issue persists and you need help, post your system info( CPU, RAM graphics card, hard drive set up), premiere version, source material format specifics, sequence settings, and updated output settings. Someone may be able to help you then.