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    Is DNG "universal"?

    chris devil

      I convert all my raws to dng. It saves around 33% of disc space and Adobe claim it to be "Universal"

      However, I still use Rawshooter (Bought out by Adobe to base Lightroom on)

      Conversions from my Canon 5d mk1 work perfectly however conversions (to DNG) from other cameras do not, so how can DNG be "universal"

      How can I get around the problem as I still prefer Rawshooter to LR for initial PP and cropping (I do have LR2 and use it for other parts of my PP workflow)

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          b2martin_a Level 2

          DNG is not supported by all image editing software, so I don't consider it universal. 

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            Jeff Schewe Level 5

            Just to be clear, Adobe has never promoted DNG as a "Universal" raw file format...it's promoted as being a publicly documented, freely available raw file format. The way in which 3rd parties use DNG can vary.


            In the case of Rawshooter, they only adopted DNG partially. Rawshooter can only open a DNG for a camera it already understood–meaning that whether or not the raw proprietary raw file was converted to DNG, it supported that raw file. Other DNGs from cameras it didn't already support are not supported by Rawshooter. This is the responsibility of the 3rd party by only partially supporting DNG.