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    Edit the Bullet point distance from the beginning of the sentence

    Macnimation Level 1

      I'm trying to edit the bullet point distance from the first word of the Sentence.


      I tried the following:


      • Opened Paragraph Styles
      • Click the top right corner dropdown and chose Style Options
      • Click on Bullets and Numbering
      • I Chose Bullets from the List Type dropdown
      • I changed the Tab Position to 5mm as a test


      This worked, but..........


      When I clicked on ok to close the Style options, every sentence in the document became a bullet list.

      Every time I create a new sentence ina new Text box it is automatically converted to a bullet point


      If I go back in and undo the Style then I lose all Bullet lists.


      I am obviously doing the wrong thing.


      I simply want to change the distance between the Bullet point and the Sentence by half, so that if I create a bullet list it will be a shorter distance. Similar to the above list!