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      Sorry, I'm in a hurry, I need to get what I will explain in a sec done ASAP for my project!!! So I hope you can help!!


      I have been making a calendar for my project in Flash CS5. On my calendar I have the days of the months, which are buttons, now when you click on...say the 10th of January a box appears and I have a bit of text and pictures... now the pictures is the part i'm struggling with.


      This is a screenshot of my Calendar in the month of January after I have clicked on the 10th of Jan and as you can see there is text and images.



      Picture 2.png


      This is a screenshot of my calendar when I put my cursor over one of the images, it does what it's supposed to do, you know pop up when you put your mouse cursor over it.


      Picture 3.png


      When I click off the black box is where the problem is which is where. After I have put my mouse curser over the picture and click off the black box the image that I put my mouse cursor over stays up and doesn't disappear with the box, you can see this it the screenshot below.


      Picture 4.png


      So can any one help, I want the pictures to disappear with the box??


      I have been using this tutorial : http://www.ilike2flash.com/2010/02/banner-resizer-effect-in-actionscript-3.html But I also checked this one out too : http://www.ilike2flash.com/2009/10/zoom-inout-effect-in-actionscript-3.html


      I hope you can help!!


      Thanks!!!! :D

      These folders contain my calendar.fla, calendar.swf and some other thongs you might need hope this helps, they are in different files cos they are too big to upload in one, please can you check it out asap please!!!! Put all of these in one file after you download them.



      (1.12 MiB)




      (216.53 KiB)




      (613.38 KiB)



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It is unlikely anyone will be downloading your files to try to figure this out for you, but here's a suggestion of one thing to look into.  It sounds like you are using an addChild command for the picture you hover over that ends up removing it from the area the image was originally in.  If you just use an addChild(photo) alone, then it removes it from whatever home it was in and whatever timeline it was in.  What you want to do is specifcy the addChild to be within the container where the text and images are originally, as in... container.addChild(photo)

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