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    [Scripting JSX] Give us a property "reallyAllPageItems"

    Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I wish there would be a new property perhaps called "reallyAllPageItems" or "superAllPageItems" for all "Document"-, "Layer"-,  "MultipleStateObject"-objects.

      We have "allPageItems" for the "Document"-object, but its scope is not the whole document:

      it does not include pageItems in "none-active" states of an "MultipleStateObject"-object when it is used with the "Document"-object.
      For "Layer" it does not include pageItems on "MasterSpreads".


      And when I'm  at it: give us a "allPageItems"-property for "States" in "MultipleStateObject"-objects.


      I would not recommend expanding the scope of "allPageItems" for compatibility reasons with older scripts.