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    How do I change or delete the Adobe Digital ereader licenses?


      My HP laptop and Acer Iconia tablet are getting error messages. Laptops says that the license isn't assigned to the user, the Iconia says the time settings are incorrect.

      When I downloaded the books from the library to the laptop it worked fine the first time. Then I tried to USB the book to the Acer. Acer didn't show up in ADE. I next tried using the library menu in the top left side area with the "authorize device". Upon authorizing the device in an attempt to get the Acer to show up, now the laptop can't open books and the message says it isn't assigned to user. And the Acer still doesn't show.

      The only books that will download are the Guttenberg project free books. Can't open any library books from Overdrive.com.

      Been to the library and they're trying to get help, but it's been over a week. I'm thinking if I can delete the license and then

      redo it for both devices that might solve the problem.

      Thanks for any help.