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    Budget PC for youth film project

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      Hi All,


      I've read the system requirements for CS5.5 and the various posts by Harm and others, but I have a very specific query re. buying a new system. While a build would be a great option, our youth film project doesn’t have the budget, so I have my eye on two similar low budget PCs, both with pros and cons. I have used Premiere CS3 up to now(!) and would mainly be editing HDV. However, I'm also now editing Canon 5D2 footage so need to make the long over due upgrade. While it would be great to edit the canon footage natively, I don't mind sticking to transcoding it to cineform avi on the budget systems below if I have to.


      The make is Medion (a German company) and my last two desktops were from them and have proved reliable.


      The 2 options (which come in around €1100) share the same specs below:


      Windows® 7 Home Premium 64 Bit

      Memory size: 16 GB

      Memory Type: DDR3 1333 MHz

      Hard disk capacity: 2 TB  - but only 5400rpm (I know, I know!…see below about this)


      NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX560 graphics with 1280 MB GDDR5 memory as well as 1x DVI-I and 1x digital mini-HDMI audio/video output

      (am told by Studio 1 that I can use the mod to make 5.5. accept this for the mercury engine)


      Standard cooling



      Ok, just borderline regarding the HD, but here’s where the two systems differ


      Option 1

      Has an Intel i7 – 2600 processor

      A SSD of 64GB for the boot drive

      1 hot swap hard drive rack


      Option 2

      Has an Intel i7 – 2700K processor (which can be overclocked safely according to them)

      No SSD drive – so I’m stuck with the 5400rpm drive for my OS

      2 hot swap racks

      An E-sata connection


      So my questions are this:

      1 – Will either of these systems run 5.5 properly (with additional faster drives etc)

      2 – Which would be the better option, going with Option1 with the SSD drive, inserting a 7200rpm drive into the rack and setting up some kind of raid system through Firewire




      Going with option 2 with the faster processor, inserting two 7200 drives into the racks and another via the e-sata connection, with further expandability via Firewire (OS on 5400 drive and CS5.5 installed on faster drive?)


      Any help would be great appreciated!