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    Syncing with Nook


      Ive a Nook Tablet and my Mac recognizes it and transfers to it just fine. The question I have is with the Adobe software. As I read, I like to highlight and sometimes make a note with it. When I hook the Nook up to my PC, if it were a B&N purchase, the highlights and notes would show up in their Mac app, so syncing would have been done. Does Adobe not do that also? If not, why not? I ask because after updating the firmware, I lost numerous notes and passages in a particular book and wish to know if there is a way to avoid this from happening again. So far, am not a fan of this Adobe product at all. Its fancy looking but really does nothing at all.

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Jim Lester posted a response to a similar post yesterday.  AIR, you can get

          software for your Nook from B&N that works with the Mac.



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            morecars Level 1

            I have the B&N software on my Mac as I have a standing magazine subscription and have purchased a few books through their store. I like their software and store but they did not have the books I was looking for so I went to Google and downloaded epubs from them. I then had to install the Adobe software. If I manipulate a book (highlight, note) in the B&N Mac software, when I tether the Nook, it uploads the changes, and vice versa.


            What I am trying to figure out is if the Adobe software is capable of doing the same thing. I bought the book, I own the rights to that copy much like a paper version, so why can I not manipulate it on my Nook and then have it sync up with the Adobe software on my Mac. Why can I not manipulate the book within the Adobe software on my Mac like I can in the B&N software. This ADE software seems to be nothing but a glorified upload software package.

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              In a sense, you're right.  ADE was designed as an interface between the

              user and the publisher or distributor.  Its intention was to do the

              technical things needed to transfer the material, and implement the digital

              rights management of that material in the process.


              ADE doesn't make claims about what editing tools it has embedded in it.

              However, it does have some disclaimers about what features it supports,

              such as a limited set of .pdf tools.  You can check this out in the HELP

              section (F1 key).


              If ADE doesn't have the answer, you could drop back and check out Bluefire

              Reader or Overdrive.  There are a couple of other packages out there too.


              Hope this helps!