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    Issues with vignettes


      Hi everyone.  I'm having an issue with vignettes. I have my black mattes in the video 3 slot - and a 16 point garbage matte with blur on the mattes.  On the video footage I have a track matte key effect keying out video 3, and usually it works pretty well.  I'm editing together interviews - so I've tried copy and pasting my mattes and effects on all of the segments of the same person.  However, sometimes the vignette doesn't show up! I'm careful to put everything in the same order, but there are times when the vignette just isn't there.  I've found that when I adjust the fast blur effect on the matte, the vignette shows up, but I was hoping to find a solution that wouldn't require me to adjust the values in each segment. Also, the vignette always disappears on the value I want! Is this a bug?