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    Basic question regarding Eclipse help


      Im using RH9 to create help for use with an Eclipse plug-in. I'm using the EclipseHelp Generator.jsx without any issues. The problem that I have is probably very fundamental but I haven't found any answers so far: I would like to include a hyperlink in one of my topics to an Eclipse help topic that exists outside of my project. I thought I would simply copy the URL that i see in the target topic (found via Properties for the target topic):

      Eclipse help topic Properties URL.png

      Obviously, I have been very naive. I understand now that the IP address indicated here is in fact a Loopback Address, which is useless for creating a hyperlink.

      My question is, how does one create such a link? That is, what address information can be used instead of the Loopback Address that will allow such a link to work?

      Am I barking up the wrong tree entirely? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          Anjaneai Srivastava Adobe Employee

          Hi LC,


          Is the hyperlink destination on a different machine?


          But, I guess this is not the case, If I understood correctly, it is outside the project but on the same machine? Ideally, Robohelp copies any hyperlinked file located outside project directory to your project location of your RH project.


          Did you use the insert --Hyperlink and Browsed to the location of you file and hyperlinked the file?


          Check this --- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSe1cGTjhiw a small example for the same.


          Can you try creating another hyperlink of file stored local to you machine and check properties again?




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            LCarey Level 1

            Thank you Anjaneai,

            I am in fact using Insert --Hyperlink and pasting the URL for the target topic in the "Link To" field. I believe the issue is that RH cannot resolve the URL, as it uses a Loopback Address ("") rather than a proper URL.

            Robohelp Link To.png

            Ideally I would simply indicate the path for the appropriate topic here. My question is, how does one determine the path and file information for individual Eclipse help (HTM) topics?


            I assume that they are contained in the various JAR files that is see are installed with Eclipse (i.e. "org.eclipse.help.base_3.6.2.v201202080800.jar", "org.eclipse.help.source_3.5.100.v20110426.jar", etc). There are lots of these, plus lots of other ZIP files and all kinds of myserious stuff that is installed for Eclipse. I would have to establish which file contains the HTM that I need, and somehow extract the HTM file. It all sounds improbable now that I've figured out that Eclipse does not use collections of HTM files, but seems to package them in JAR files...


            It occurs to me after messing around with this that I may be on a bad track. I wonder if it would be problematic (even if possible) to link to topics that exist in external plug-ins. I guess the link information could change if the external plug-in is updated, which is of course beyond my control.


            Thanks again for your answer!

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              Anjaneai Srivastava Adobe Employee

              I see.


              Can you please check with any other file and see if the prompt appears for them as well?


              I mean test with any regular HTM file and see the results.


              I have not tried linking any file residing in an external plug in, but yes does not sound to be a safe bet.


              Try another file and observe any difference if you use a regular HTM file rather tahn External Plug in




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                LCarey Level 1

                Thanks again, Anjaneai.

                Having considered the situation further, I realize now that it is fact a poor idea to attempt to link directly to other Eclipse plug-in documentation for a myriad of reasons. Its a bad idea, and therefore is not supported at all. I appreciate the attention - thanks.