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    Button to b clicked and large image shown on the stage(link to swf file here)

    jake hollaway

      I have a button when clicked is supposed to show a larger image of the button/ I am new to the code and think if I could see and example it would help. This is a school project. I am failing as of now.

      how do I upload my files to here so I can show   http://threadcontent.next.ecollege.com/(NEXT(54b34a37e8))/Main/CourseMode/Thread/DownloadA ttachment.ed?virtualFileId=961613945&GoldenTicketParams=_u=8538800;_dt=634657009144447173; virtualFileIDs=956864518,956864621,956864990,960296914,960355361,960465721,960465764,96037 9092,961379343,960908613,961013978,961014291,961613945,961035853,961618981,961042519,96144 4490,961569920,961629398,961629452;&GoldenTicketSignature=35-AA-34-CE-10-A6-FD-4F-D1-DD-73 -4C-A9-EF-8D-9D-63-E5-87-88-FB-D4-4D-15-06-BB-82-8A-9E-F2-36-DC



      I believe this is the download link to the swf I have you can see the buttons click and sound and over and when pressed they are supposed to show the larger image of the buttons original image that you see before you hover