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    InDesign "Save As" dialog box for every operation in INDB book file; updating page numbers, etc.

    thelindsayb Level 1

      So I haven't used INDB files in awhile in InDesign, and today was the first time I attempted to adjust an old INDB (created originally with CS5).  For every operation of adjusting the book file, such as updating page/section number or adding/removing an INDD file I get a Save As dialog box for each constiuent INDD file.  This is quite annoying since the book has lots of INDDs, and I have to click through the tedious save as with each.  I previously worked with INDBs in CS5, and never encountered this, there was no need to save each INDD in the book just to update the page numbers.  I tried creating a new INDB in CS5.5 thinking that maybe it was because I was working from a file created with an older version of InDesign.  Does anyone know if there is a way to suppress the Save As dialog?  Another thing I noticed that is supremely frustrating is that this new build of InDesign doesn't default to saving the file in its original location, and I have unwittingly ended up saving files in other places, only to later realize it.  I am using InDesign CS5.5 Ver. 7.5.2 on Mac OSX 10.7.3  Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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          Grant H Level 4

          if there are factors that force the book to be resynced (new version of ID) then its one at a time... but that will be the last time....G

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            It will only happen once (and frankly, what you are doing is a very bad idea).


            When you open the old book in CS5, you are converting to the new format. All of the legacy files also need to be converted, even if added to a new book in CS5.5, hence the Save As since ID will not overwrite the old versions until you tell it to (and that's the bad idea). I strongly recommend (though it's too late for any books you've already updated and overwritten) that you either continue to edit in the old version, or that you take the time to open each file in the original version if it's older than CS5, then export to interchange format (.inx or .idml, depending on version), open those files in CS5.5, save with new names so you don't overwrite anything, then add to a new book and proceed.


            One of the reasons I recommend this seemingly time-consuming approach is that there are too many reports (another one yesterday) of some sort of problem that pops up late in the editing cycle when converting legacy files to CS5/5.5 by opening them directly and saving. This is a belt and suspenders insurance approach, and is far less labor intensive than starting over, which might end up being your other option down the road if something goes wrong.