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    Cannot introduce the é accent into my titles


      Hi. I'm trying to type the é (French 'e acute') accent into my titles. On my keyboard this is AltGr + e. When I press AltGr, the text box surround is highlighted as if I am about to edit it, preventing me from getting my accent.

      Can anyone advise on how to get this accent (and all others involving AltGr) ...?


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Make sure that you are in the Title workspace, that your text tool is selected.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            There are several ways to accomplish Multi-national accents and diacriticals into Titles.


            If the Alt+ method is not working, first check that you are using the Numeric Keypad, and that NumLock is ON.


            If that still does not work, you can use the Character Map in Windows, and just use the font drop-down to set the necessary font. Then, navigate to the character needed, and Copy from the Character Map, then Paste into the Title. Note: this method is great for adding a Symbol, such as an Arrowhead from one of the WingDing font's character set.


            Here is an example of a Multi-national Character, Copied and Pasted into Titler:



            Good luck,