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    ExternalInterface working in debug but not in release




      i'm evaluating Builder 4.5 in conjunction with Catalyst to implement

      the prototype of an interface.


      few problems her and there but things looked good so that i decided it

      was the way to go and i committed to this pipeline.


      not problems as long as i was testing everything in debug mode.

      but NOW ...



      i'm using:

      if (ExternalInterface.available) {

      try {

      flash.external.ExternalInterface.call("alert", "ciaooo");


      }catch (error:Error) {



      to call a javascript function declared in my html (here replaced with the "classical" alert)


      it works fine in bin-debug but NEVER in bin-release.


      moreover, if i copy the bin-debug directory somewhere else on my filesystem.,

      it will stop working as well.


      what am i doing wrong ?

      any hint anybody ?


      please help .. i'm close to the delivery and i cannot switch back to qt or other interfaces building tools.


      many thanks.