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    Artefacts when exporting to Vimeo HD preset


      I have a video made up of GoPro footage. I have edited all this together and delivered a reasonable SD (640x480px, 4:3) output video using After Effects, Premiere Pro 5.5 and the Adobe Media Encoder (all of which is rather neat). So far so perfect.


      The Problem

      When I try to export the same footage, suitably edited, using the "Vimeo HD" preset (1280px by 720px, 16:9) , I'm getting what I'd describe as unacceptable "interlacing artefacts" around the edges of things. That's the problem I'm looking for help with.




      The footage from the cameras is 1280x960, some 25fps and some 30fps. This does not appear to be an issue as I get Adobe to blend it on output.


      My footage is edited into hierachical sequences, with the final "master" sequence having the same settings as the native GoPro footage (1280x960, 4:3). This sequence I can export straight to the PP5.5 Vimeo SD preset and it's perfect. I set "maximum render quality" and "use frame blending".


      Next, to make the HD version I:

      • create a new sequence, with dimensions set for Vimeo's HD, 1280x720
      • drop the above "master" sequence into the new seqence, so it has 4:3 footage in a 16:9 container
      • scrub through the video, altering the position of it so that my footage still works in the new format without black borders or a silly crop. This is just a bit of "motion effect" with keyframes.

      The result renders and plays perfectly at 100% in the PP5.5 monitor window. So far so good.

      Now I select "export", use the "Vimeo  HD" preset, and export the footage. The result is correctly cropped, but it has what looks like interlace artefacts on it.


      I first tried increasing the various bit rates etc, and trying all the other settings to see if I could get rid of the artefacts, but nothing worked. I googled around, nothing selsible there; I can't even find anything on people using one set of footage for multiple aspect ratios in PP, although it must be a common problem. Finally I came here and looked at the FAQ and did a search, still can't find anything, so here I am. Anyone any ideas?


      If it plays perfectly in the monitor but doesn't export correctly, then the problem's definitely in the export step, so it has to be one of those settings, but I can't figure out which or why.