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    Need help with java script

    Margaret Becker Level 1

      I have a little script that changes the color of a button graphic that I use for a popup topic.It does this, of course, by swapping out two images.

      The script works just fine in RH Preview and also when the htm page is opened directly in a browser (both IE and Chrome).

      However, when I open the topic in the compiled help, the second image does not display.

      The one that works is in the RH Preview. The one that doesn't is in the compiled help.


      Here's the code:

      <a href="javascript:BSSCPopup('../MenuLocations/3DFace_menu_location.htm');"

                           id="a1" style="position: relative;"><img onmouseover="this.src = '../clickbutton-O.png'"

                                     onmouseout="this.src = '../clickbutton.png'"


                                     alt="Click for menu and toolbar locations and related topics."

                                               border="0" />


      Any ideas?


      ~Margaret Becker