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    Project Files missing.

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      One of the designers in my office recently had files go missing on two projects she was working on.


      She and another designer created each project over a few days. Right before they were about to submit them for team review she loaded up the file, chose random times along the animation and deemed it finished and closed Flash. She then went to look at the project's folder there were no files there.

      Later that same week the same thing happened to her. One time I can explain with user error, Twice on the other hand makes me look into it more.


      I had her replicate the process on another project while I was monitoring the fileserver and watching what she was doing. Of course the files remained.


      The files reside on a windows 2008 file server that is accessed through SMB/CIFS


      Any one have any thoughts on this?


      User Setup:

      OSX 10.6.8

      Flash CS 5


      I looked at the documentation and known issues but I didn't see anything.


      Thanks in advance.