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    Dialog boxes pop up on wrong monitor

    funkbomb Level 1

      I have my workspace spread out over two monitors, with a third preview screen on a TV. My timeline and preview monitors are on my center screen with the main title bar, considered the "main" screen by OSX. However, any time a dialog box pops up, it appears on my leftmost monitor. It's a pain, since the majority of my work takes place on the center screen, to constantly have to move back and forth between monitors to address any dialog boxes that pop up to adjust clip speed, export settings, watch preview render progress, cancel auto-saves, etc. Is there any way to change the default position of these dialog boxes? Moving them over when they appear doesn't seem to change anything.

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          This happens with me with other programs to like photoshop etc...the only fix I think might work is to set your monitors to one monitor, bring up the dialog box again, save, then try working on the three monitors again.  Tell me if that works.

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            funkbomb Level 1

            Thanks for the suggestion—it led me to the solution. It turns out the dialog boxes appear on whichever screen contains the "main" window box—that is, the window with the bar at the top that shows the directory path of the project you're working on. Rearranging my workspace so the window was on the main screen fixed the problem.

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              sun3nee Level 1

              cool...glad to help....im taking note if this issue arises again

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                broachindy Level 1

                I have this problem in WIN10. I use two monitors, one is a Wacom Cintiq, so I tend to draw a lot on the Cintiq then move PS to my main (large) monitor to make layer adjustments and color corrections. It doesn't matter which monitor my PS is actively running in, all my pop up windows go to the last monitor they were opened in. It is a real pain. I wish there was either a WIN or PS setting that commanded all windows to open in the active window rather than where it last was. I realize this wouldn't be ideal for most users that aren't swapping screens frequently, but the option would sure be nice for me.

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                  NateCow Level 1

                  I have the same issue and I'm not switching between monitors frequently. My Windows 10 setup has my left monitor as my primary, but it happens to be identified as monitor 2. Premiere can't seem to grasp this, as it throws certain dialog windows onto the right monitor (1). This is particularly problematic since I have full-screen playback enabled on monitor one, so if I need to adjust Sequence Settings, the window comes up behind the video and I can't get to it, forcing me to dig into my preferences, turn off full-screen playback, adjust my settings, then turn it back on.


                  As was mentioned by others, moving the dialog over to the primary monitor doesn't help. It always pops up on the other one. Premiere seems to be intent on opening things on monitor 1, regardless of what is set to the primary monitor by the operating system, at least when it comes to Windows. Physically switching the monitors around is a chore since I have them VESA-mounted on a single stand.


                  I have similar issues with Photoshop so it seems to be a problem on Adobe's end. I don't have these issues in any other programs I use, such as Nuke and Silhouette.

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