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    PPro - AE - PPro Dynamic Linking clip naming workflow

    needles27 Level 3

      I see this topic discussed in bits and pieces, but haven't seen an answer to my question below.  My underlying concern is renaming DLs may cause some funkiness and broken links, especially after closing and reopening a project.


      Here is the first piece, going from PPro to AE:

      • Make a copy of my clip from V1 and place it directly above on V2, right click and Replace with AE Composition.  This gives me a clean copy of the clip on V1 to return to if needed.

      • In AE, I immediately pre-compose the comp and the clip from PPro into a new composition.  Now, I can rename this new composition into something that makes sense, rather than "Project Name Linked Comp XX" while keeping the original DL comp's name. I put the DL files into a folder to get them out of sight.

      • When I do the AE work on this pre-comp, it will be reflected in the DL comp back to PPro, and everything is organized and named logically in the AE project window.


      I always work in only one AE project per PPro project, and when reopening a PPro project my first step is to hit "Edit Original" on a DL clip to open up the AE project.


      My question comes in when I go back to PPro from AE:


      Once going back to the PPro timeline from AE, I will have the original clip on V1 with the original file name (something like MVI_XXXX.mov, unless I had already renamed it on the timeline) and the copied clip above it on V2 with the new DL name (such as Project Name Linked Comp XX/Project Name.aep)



      First, am I missing a way for this DL clip to automatically take on the new AE comp name I gave it? If there is no way, is there a danger of renaming this new DL clip to the same name I gave it over in AE on both the timeline and in the bin? It seems like I have to rename this clip at least 3 times to keep it organized. (Timeline, Bin and AE Project Window)


      If you roundtrip 50-100 clips (or more) it seems like without this constant renaming, your PPro bin and timeline will get cluttered with a lot of "Project Name Linked Comp XX" clips. Any insight?


      Thanks for the help, and please let me know if any of this needs more clarification.