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    Capture window behavior PrE 10

    N9JCR Level 2

      I've had very good luck with PrE 10 so far but here's a strange problem...


      The video shown inside the capture window (i.e. capture from DV camera) seems to be stuck in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.  If I grab the window itself and move it, the video will only show when the window is in the original place on the screen.  If I slide the window to the left 1" for example, the video stays where it was and I get a 1" wide black bar on the left.  If I keep moving the window, the black bar just gets larger and eventually the whole capture window is just a black rectangle. 


      I can move the window back to it's original place and get the whole video again and the actual captured video isn't affected at all.   It's really only a problem at all because the capture controls and elapsed time are actually off the bottom of the screen to see the whole video.


      Hope this makes sense - I tried to get a screen shot but apparently the snipping tool doesn't work with the capture window - in that case the whole video area is just black.  Worst case I can just take a photo of the screen if need be.


      Already made sure all the various drivers and Quicktime are current. Thanks in advance for any ideas you may have.




      HP quad core/eight thread 3.4 GHZ, 12GB ram, AMD HD 6670 video card, Windows 7 premium 64 bit, three 7200 RPM SATA drives, bla bla bla etc