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    How can I localize the text of process names, task names and user actions within a process?

    Eric E 1234 Level 1

      I'm very interested in using the capabilities of Adobe LiveCycle Process Management for my project, however I have one rather large concern...   I hope someone here can tell me whether there's a way to address it.


      Since I work for the Government of Canada, I have to meet certain requirements relating to bilingualism of the user interface.  It's my understanding that the Workspace portion of LiveCycle has already has support for French.


      But what about the design of my processes?  How can I display text to a user in the language of their choice when they're interacting with my processes? ... in particular, I'm thinking about the process name, task names, and user actions.

      I hope that this is possible without too much pain.  I imagine this must be a pretty common requirement!


      Thanks in advance to all who respond.