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    Effects on clip inactive on output

    son_of_gunder Level 1

      Problems can normally be broken down into these categories:

      1.) System
      Windows 7 64-bit home

      2.) Assets (the Audio, Video and still images)

      12+ minute project containing audio, video, and still images.

      3.) Project (how it is setup and with which Preset)

      Unknown presets. I'm assuming it's setup is normal...?
      4.) Workflow (what you are doing, and how you are doing it)

      Lay tracks on Audio 1, Add in stills as well as some videos on Video 1,2... as needed. Lot's of drag and drop, quick keys... using timeline primarily. Transitions, disk menus, effects, etc...



      The still photo frames have effects applied to them (i.e. earthquake, old film) and although the effect works on PRE/Elmts/8 playback, it is only applied during transitions from these frames to the next frame on output (AVI and MPEG).

      Pleeeeaaase help meee.
      Thank you in advance.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Since you have both Still Images and Video, the Project Preset can be very important. The Project should match that Video Source Footage.


          What are the specs. of your Video, such as 1920 x 1080 30FPS AVCHD?


          What are the settings of the Project, such as AVCHD 1920 x 1080 30FPS w/ 2-channel (stereo) Audio?


          What are the pixel x pixel dimensions of the Still Images? They should be Scaled, outside of PrE, to be nearly identical to the Frame Size of the Project?


          All of these can have an effect on the performance and output.


          You mention the Earthquake Effect being applied, but not showing up in the output files. Is that Effect applied to a Still Image, or to one of the Video Clips?


          You state that you can see that Effect, but only during the Transitions. What Transitions did you apply, and were these only to the Still Images?


          Last, what version of PrE are you using?


          Good luck, and let us know just a bit more, please.



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Another question, please:


            The two Effects that you mentioned, Earthquake and Old Film, are both NewBlue FX Effects. Did you use any others?


            I just did a test with two Still Images and then a short DV-AVI, with Cross-Dissolve Transitions between them. I applied the NewBlue FX Earthquake Effect to the first Still Image, and to the Video Clip, and the Old Film Effect to the second Still Image.


            Observations: The Earthquake Effect showed up in the Rendered Timeline, as just a displacement of the Image, but no motion, The Old Film Effect did show in that second Still Image, and Earthquake showed in the Video Clip with motion (shaking). Then, I Shared to MPEG-2, and strangely, I saw Earthquake "motion" in the first Still Image, but only quickly at the beginning (say 1 sec. in a 10 sec. Still Image), the Old Film Effect translated to the MPEG-2, just as it showed in playback from the Rendered Timeline, and then the Video showed the Earthquake Effect for its full Duration.


            Sort of what you reported, though with differences, in that Old Film did translate through Share to MPEG-2, and while Earthquake did show momentarily in the Still, it was not related to a Transition. Finally, on the Video Clip, Earthquake was there for the full Duration, from the Cross-Dissolve, right to the end.


            I have not used many (any?) of the NewBlue FX, so have no real experience with them. However the results with Earthquake surprised me - no motion in Rendered playback, but then a tiny section of motion in the MPEG-2 ????? Maybe others, who are much more familiar with those NewBlue FX Effects, can explain their operations better. It does seem that Earthquake is, well flaky, when applied to a Still Image, at least in my test Project.


            Good luck,



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              son_of_gunder Level 1

              I'm using Pre Elements 8 and I had applied the effects to still images in this case. And to answer your question, I have used other effects and they all seem to be working correctly.

              After reading your comments, I had an idea that actually worked out. I simply set a timed movement for the duration of the still image!
              My output is AVI so I can transfer it to my laptop and create the DVD there since Pre on my PC randomly finds and loses it's detection of my DVDR...



              I will update again in a few moments because I haven't tested it with the earthquake effect yet but I am confident that it will work.


              Thank you Hunt.

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                son_of_gunder Level 1

                It worked wonderfully!!

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Great news, and thanks for reporting your success.


                  Good luck,