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    how to reduce rendering time.



      I have a couple of questions-

      1. When i am rendering an hd video pal format, it takes on an average 3.5 hours to render it. This is through encore as well as premiere? How do i reduce rendering time?

      2. Second issue is how do i tranfer an open project from 1 computer to the other, since the data is on the hard disk of the first, and there are chances of it getting lost?

      3. When i try converting a pal HD video to ntsc in encore, it doesnt take the frame size. So i have to export it in ntsc in premiere then make the title in encore and then render it again. Takes too long, any way of shortening the process?

      4. How to make dvd copies from a rendered HD project?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          What is the source material, what are your export settings and on what hardware with which OS?


          1. Get a faster PC.

          2. Copy the project and all assets.

          3. Details please.

          4. From Encore.

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            ishwinderjauhar Level 1

            export settings, film size 1440x1080i


            computer specifications 8gb ram, windows 7 (64bit), fx series amd...


            for 01- what would you recommend?  i have a budget constraint that i cannot exceed 3000$


            02- could you elaborate as to how i can copy? i am using a cat 6 network cables between my systems.


            03- when i export it in encore, in the encore export setting there all these otions, based upon frame rate, when i choose the ntsc option, it still takes the default pal option, and doesnt accept the ntsc. So to counter that i have to go back to premiere, export it in ntsc and then make the final output in encore. so it takes 3 hours first to convert to ntsc and then another 3 hours when rendering through encore. i know my process is wrong, what do i do?


            04- any link where i can see it. our time line in bluray is 2 hours, to mantain quality you would need to split that rather than convert the 2 hour project to dvd. i think that is my question, how can you split the bluray project over two dvd's

            thanks for your reply

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Export 1440x1080 is not legal for BRD or DVD.


              1. Time to upgrade. See http://forums.adobe.com/thread/947698?tstart=0


              2. CTRL-C and CTRL-V from Explorer or use Project Manager and save to a network location.


              3. Use dynamic link to Encore


              4. You can't split a BR project over DVD's. It is either BR or DVD. so either 1920 x 1080 BR or 720 x 576 PAL DVD or 720 x 480 NTSC DVD.

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                ishwinderjauhar Level 1

                thanks for the replies...

                01. could you elaborate- Export 1440x1080 is not legal for BRD or DVD.?

                going through your article, will respond once ( and if i understand the whole of it )

                03. thats the problem when i try copying , if there is a music file somewhere or a text file/animation/menu, somehow something or the other keeps ending up missing in the other computer. Every1 keeps telling me it cant be done and i find that ludicrous. i'll go back to ctr c and v and try again.

                04. exactly so i have to go back to the time line and then split. not a major headache still a time consuming one.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Encore will support 1440 x 1080 for BD only, and not for DVD-Video. This Encore FAQ Entry lists all supported BD formats, with notations on each, such as Progressive, etc.


                  Good luck,