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    Line jitter started part way through animation - need it to stop




      I'm making an animation of a line drawing itself. I'm using a vector line that I drew in Illustrator, which I imported to the stage. I have been erasing a bit, inserting a new keyframe, erasing it a bit more, new keyframe etc. When i have finished this I intend to reverse the sequence so the line appears to be drawing itself. This process has been going really well, but at 1820 frames in a section of the line has started to shake/jitter (by which I mean from side to side very quickly). I deleted the frames and did them again, using the same process that I have for the rest of the line which is not jittering, but this small section is still jittering. It doesn't jitter or move when I move between frames, it only jitters when I play the movie by pressing Command + Enter or I export it as a Quicktime .mov file. 


      Can anyone tell me why and how to get it to stop?


      I'm using Flash CS5 and Mac OS X 10.6.8


      Thank you.


      PS here is a YouTube video of the problem. The jitter starts around the bottom of South America. You may need to make it quite big on your screen to see it. You'll notice that that part of the line doesn't jitter most of the way along, but starts to jitter when it gets to that part. I would really appreciate any help on this because I have been trying for a long time to get this working and I need to finish this up for a deadline. Thank you.