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    Recapturing dv tape : timecode issues


      Hi all, I’m currently trying to re-export some videos I edited with Premiere Pro (1.5 or 2.0) on Windows, from DV tapes.


      First thing first, CS5 can't open these old projects, but CS3 can, and CS5 can open CS3 projects. Luckily I still had a windows laptop with CS3 installed so I managed to resave my project as CS3, then convert to CS5. I'm not sure why CS5 can't open Ppro2.0 projects but whatever, I worked it out.


      Secondly, capturing DV tapes on my CS5 on iMac captures them as .mov and audio is split into several tracks (in my original project captured clips were .avi files, with a single stereo track). Didn't manage to force capture to 1 stereo track, nor to fix this afterwards in the timeline (having only 1 track in the timeline for the original clip, linking it to my new clip left me with only 1 audio channel in the timeline, and I didn't find a way to add the other audio channel track). Once again, my old CS3 laptop saved the day, and I recaptured my tapes using this one.


      Then, my actual problems I couldn't fix or work out :


      I tried using batch capture, manual capture, in/out capture, ... , but I can't seem to capture the tapes like I did the first time : in my project the clip starts at timecode 00:00:00:09, but everytime I try, I miss the first few frames, starting at around 00:00:01:15 (give or take a few frames).

      I remember I had issues capturing the first frames of a tape back then with a Sony DSR-11 DV player, but I managed better results with my old Canon MVX-2i dv camcorder (which has been stolen a few years ago). I still missed a few frames, but only 9 in this case.

      Now I'm tyring to achieve that with the same DSR-11 and I tried 2 dv camcorders (1 canon, 1 sony) : same difference. Never managed to get closer than 00:00:01:15.

      I tried setting preroll to 0, pausing the tape at 00:00:00:01 before hitting the record button in Premiere's capture window, ... Nothing worked.

      I pretty much gave in, but, while I'm here - and even though technically, this should probably go to a separate thread in the CS3 section - does someone know about a workaround ?


      Anyway, I got a clip captured from CS3, opened the CS3 project with CS5, and now I'm trying to work with my project and that video file that doesn't match my project exactly.

      If I link my offline clip in the project with that re-captured clip, my timeline updates, but it uses the first frame of the new clip as if it was the first frame of the original clip, so that I get a 21 frames offset in my whole project.

      Everything is messed up, and 21 frames are way enough for my transitions to look reaally bad.

      In the bin, it does say 00:00:01:15 as timecode start for my new clip when I import it, and 00:00:00:09 for the original clip, so Premiere knows about the difference, but in the timeline, the missing frames 'appear' at the end of the clip, not the beggining.

      I understand that I explicitely said to premiere to use my new clip as the new resource for the original clip, but I can't figure out how to tell premiere that the timecodes should be kept as is and only 'crop' the beginning in the clip ?


      I figured I could use the "timecode modification" feature to fix that, but I really not sure how ? I tried settting  00:00:01:06 (= 21 frames offset) as the timecode for 1st frame but it didn’t work.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated, I got more old tapes to restore, and being able to fix their timecodes once and for all after capturing would be a lot better than having to fix each and every clip manually in the timeline with the right offset :)


      Thanx in advance.

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

            on iMac


          That's why you can't open older projects.  There was no Mac version of Premiere Pro until CS3, so current Mac versions don't understand anything older.


          Given the other issues you're having, I would strongly recommend doing this rebuild on a Windows machine.

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            sebchang Level 1

            Oh, ok, hadn't thought about that, maybe you're right (even though I guess there could have been a way to add the Ppro2.0>CS3 converters, but ok, I get it)


            About my other issues, both the first part (tryin to recapture the very first frames) and the second part (linking the original clip to the newly captured clip) have been tested in CS3/Windows with no luck.

            Now that the file have been recaptured, what I'm trying to do is figure out how the timecode modification feature works, and wether it could solve my problem.

            If not, maybe there's another way ?