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    Help with adding HTML content to a Flash Web




      I have a flash website in which I was trying to make some modifications. I am attempting to add the facebook social plugin *** a layer over my flash page. I am not very experienced in coding and web design so any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Currently, the facebook plugin is displayed briefly before the flash starts loading then it disappears after the page is loaded. What do I need to do for the plugin to display on the webpage in order to look like it is part of the flash site?


      I had some help from one of the forum moderators but he suggested that I should try and get some new eyes to take a look at the page. Can anyone help me out? Please?


      The page is http://www.djjigs.com


      The green background of the facebook plugin and position is just temp for testing purposes until I can get this page to display properly.


      Thanks in advance!