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    Has Adobe solved the crashing issues for Premiere Elements 10?


      Hi there,


      I've been using Adobe Premiere Elements 8 for about 2 years now.  I do like this program and appreciate it being quite a straight forward,  uncomplicated,  video editing program.  One thing which really annoys me about it,  however,  is its constant tendency to just crash when I import and move around *.jpg images using motion trackingor just dragging something around the screen.  For example,  I film myself walking into a room with my hand pretending to hold a balloon.  I then import a *.jpg image of a balloon into the shot and move to position it in my hand as though it's really there. 


      My intention is to edit the balloon image to follow my hand while I'm in the room and,  while I could use the motion tracking feature,  I prefer to edit frame by frame,  or else the *.jpg image doesn't always line up properly with what it's following (it's close enough,  but I prefer doing it myself).


      Whenever I move an imported *.jpg image on the screen,  it obviously becomes blocky for a moment until you wait for the image to become clear (I think pixilated is the right term,  but am not certain) or unblocky (ie curved edges,  which moved and became square,  become curved again).


      What Premiere Elements 8 has been doing on my computer (which has an i5 processor,  more than enough memory and so forth) is to crash out of the program when I drag an image across the screen.


      It has helped to move a picture slightly,  wait for it to become clear,  then move it slightly again,  but this still has a tendency to cause Premiere Elements to crash out.


      CAN ANYONE tell me,  please,  if Adobe Premiere Elements 10 has this or similar issues because this problem alone is driving me crazy?


      Advance thanks.