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    Is there a way to export the coord data of AE objects in 3D space? (for programmers)


      Hey guys, we're making a video that will mostly be a fixed camera view but have objects animate around this view. The priority is the audio; the objects that animate will sound like they are flying around the camera's point of view (the user when they're using headphone). Since I will be animating the objects inside After Effects and already be assigning them X,Y, & Z coordinates during the animation, is there any way to take the data of the objects location through time to give to the programmers so they can assign the audio/attributes to the objects moving around in the scene? Sort of like how if I made a null object in AE, I can have it be the parent to another layer(s), I need to find a way to make this same concept work but for audio and other assigned attributes. It seems it would save us a lot of time if this is possible instead of figuring out where the sound is coming from later on by scratch and guessing. If there are other programs that can do this please let me know, I do use Maya and other 3D apps. Thanks!


      ~ Dave