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    Photoshop "save as" jpeg action


      Hi All,

      I'm trying to make an action to automate the saving of one photoshop file to multiple different jpegs.  Basically what I am doing is producing team pictures from a psd template.  I will do player #1 then save as #1jpeg, #2 save as #2jpeg, etc up to 20 players.  I tried to make an action but it won't allow me to insert a file name.  It would be straight forward if I could get a stop in there. 


      Any idea's how I could automate this, it would save me a million clicks this year.



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          markerline Level 4

          actions.jpgIn the actions panel you can turn on the dialog box which is pictured below as a small window-icon outlined in blue.  The blue outline I created to highlight the feature but you will find it and it will enable input into your action mid-stream.

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            PSMan2010 Level 1

            Yes, that's worked. But it has slight problem. It "replaces" the first image. What we want is when we play action. It should increment the image name by 1. For example, if the image name is "bluepay" then action produce bluepay1, bluepay2, bluepay3 and so on.


            It is important feature and we are in desperate need for it. Any reply will be fanastic.



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              markerline Level 4

              it wont replace the image if you type a unique filename into the dialog box which comes up for the save action.  but you can further automate the task using scripting for photoshop.  there is a scripting reference which you can search for.

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                D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                88Wally wrote:

                saving of one photoshop file to multiple different jpegs


                This isn't very clear. Would it solve anything to build up in layers in the same file, and then use File > Scripts > Export Layers to Files? That would at least give you sequential numbering.

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                  88Wally Level 1

                  I found the scripting solution but couldn't gey it to work.  Maybe there will be some changes in CS6

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                    linusr31378619 Level 1

                    has there been a solution to this since?

                    Its really about just saving a "snapshot" of what you did with just one click isnt it?

                    The save as command is tedious, its starts all over the place and then you have to navigate thorugh your whole directory, without giving you you favorite folders panel.

                    I have set up a folder for photoshop output and now i want to make some actions like "savejpg with quality 12" or tiff or whatever.

                    But it always overwrites the previous saved file, it always saves under the same name.

                    Seems like there is no hierarchy for basic commands whatsoever, every simple step is as difficult as a complicated one in photoshop.

                    Have to spend hours setting up this program for efficient use.