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    User is not allowed to pick past date than current date!

    srinivas1506 Level 1



      I have dragged the DATE object from the pallette into my form and dropped and kept the caption as 'Contract start date', now, the form is giving the calender on clicking (drop-down button) the field of 'CONTRACT START DATE', fine.


      But, obviously user shuld not select a previous/past date than CURRNT DATE / TODAY.


      This form is GLOBAL, i would like to have the validation in user's LOCAL date formats, for example, for US (date format is MM/DD/YYYYY) and Europe (date format is DD-MM-YYYY)


      Pls. let me know the JavaScript to do this validation that,


      1) Alert the user with the message - app.alert


      2) Reset it back to either CLEARing or restet it back to todays date


      Thank you