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    Segmented Flash




      Could someone please help me on how to create a flash file which has segmented sections.


      For example, consider the store directory of a mall http://www.tangeroutlet.com/williamsburg/directory


      When the user clicks on a particular store, it popups the detail of that store.


      How is this kind of flash file created?


      Thank you.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You would have a movieclip for the detail information that you add the detail info to based on the store that gets clicked.  You would likely have the same movieclip used for all, and then rewrite its content each time a new store is clicked.  You would have data defined for all the stores that could include the various pieces of information that the detail movieclip presents, including a reference to a store logo or other graphic.  That data could be stored in an array holding objects, where each object includes the various text and graphic info for a particular store.


          So you click a store.  THat store has a reference number that equals the index number for the data array.  A function uses that index to get the data and assigns the data from the array's object to the detail movieclip

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            juncode Level 1



            I really appreciate your detailed reply. Actually I have a asp.net background with little knowledge on flash. I would be needing to embed this flash into a .aspx web form.

            My question to you, is it possible to query on the flash? For example, in the above mall URL, users can find store by name and it gets highlighted on the flash.

            Could you please give more insight on how this can be achieved (specially from Microsoft Visual Studio point of view). I would be storing data related to a store in a SQL table.


            Once again, thank you! I wish I was a flash guy who could appreciate your reply even more.

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I am not clear on what you are after.  What would you be querying Flash for?  I would think you would be querying a database since that is whgat queries are about for the most part.  What would typically happen in a Flash application would be that the database gets queried for the data to fill out the detail movieclip.  The data could be acquired in a lump sum when the Flash file open and get placed into a data structure (like the array of objects I mentioned), or you could have a query generate for each time a store gets clicked... personally, I'd go with the lump sum approach for a reasonably finite set of data such as the example you cited.