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    Premiere Elements 10:  timeline bogs down.  Pls help!


      My first post on what looks like a very helpful forum.  I'm hoping one of you smart guys can help me.

      I bought and started using PrE10 a few weeks ago.  Making family videos for Youtube, etc.

      Here's my issue:  playback on the timeline is, at times, choppy and frustratingly slow!  If I put more than three or four clips together, with no effects, the playback slows to about 1 fps.  If I stop playback, wait a second, and hit PLAY again, it is smooth until it hits the next clip, then it's chop-chop again.

      And if I add a TITLE?  Forget about it.  The audio sounds fine, but the video playback STOPS, at least on the portion with the title.  When I save the project as an MPEG and play it back, it's fine.  But editing precisely on a choppy playback is pure madness.

      I bought a new video card today, replacing my GEFORCE 9500 GT (1MB) with a GeFORCE 430 GT (2MB).  I just tried it out:  exact same issue, zero improvement.  Arghh!


      Here's my computer:  what part needs upgrading to give me nice silky smooth playback?


      Dell Inspiron 537

      Pentium dual-core E5200 2.5 GHz

      4 GB RAM

      Video Card (as of today) PNY GeFORCE 430 GT (2MB)