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    How can I find the non-truncated serial number of CS4 masters collection installed on my Mac?


      I got CS4 Masters Collection about 3 years ago when I was still using a PowerPC G5 Mac. Since then, I've upgraded my setup with Intel machines. I'd like to use Adobe Premiere Pro on my MacBook Pro, as I cannot run it on my G5. I found a download link on Adobe's servers for the old Adobe Premiere CS4 trial, and I downloaded it. Since it isn't installed on the G5, I should be able to use it on my intel machine, right? So I went into Help/System Info on one of the other CS4 apps installed on my G5, and found the serial code, but it was shortened to 20 characters, when the registration requires 24. How can I find the last 4 characters so I can activate Premiere? I found a guide, but it only works for PC's. Please help, I'm tired of using FCPX.