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    Uninstalling Flash Player 10 from school networked computers


      I am employed by several Primary Schools to support their PC fleets. Both schools have older technology - the one with the problem is running (mainly) Windows XP Pro SP3, with Windows Server 2003 as the server software.

      I am the latest of a long line of technicians in these schools and the communal wisdom is that upgrading Flash Player has been an issue foir some time.


      Here's the scenario. At some time in the past, the Flash Player 10 Install MSI file was used to populate the PCs with that version of Flash Player. Since that time, a string of technicians have rolled out updates on an individual basis - ignoring the .MSI file sitting in the Group Policy. At some time, someone has actually removed the .msi file, so that the automatic update no longer works, and manual uninstall no longer works either (can't find the install file)!


      We need to install Flash Player 11 (for use with several educational web packages), and manual installation only installs the package for the network (or PC) user who is currently logged in to a particular PC.


      I've reinstated the Group Policy using the latest Flash Player installation .msi for Windows. I can see that it is installing when I start the PC, but IE STILL uses the older version (10.0, I think), and the web pages in question ask me to install a later version.


      Now, I've noticed that there are several hundred sets of user files on each PC, as there is no mechanism to delete these once a login session has completed. I've noticed that there are bits and pieces of Flash Player in many of these, going back at least as far as version 8!


      The crux of my problem is What do I have to do to get Flash Player 11 working on these networked PCs? Do I have to remove all those domain user leftover files? And if so, does anyone know how that can be done from a central location (not 1 by 1 as I am reduced to now!)?