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    Help with Speech to Text (Analyzing Content)


      Hey. So... I'm not getting far. I downloaded the trial version of Premiere Pro to see if I could get the swing of things before I purchase.


      I'm trying to analyze some mp3 files from speech to text. They are interviews.


      I made sure they were not "read only" (it says "read and write")


      The "analyze content" is greyed out

      There is not "analyze" button in the "speech analysis" section of metadata


      This is what I know...

      I have a MacBook Pro OSX 10.6.8

      My screen resolution is 1680x1050 (I keep reading the button cannot be seen because it is outside the viewing window).

      I have Premiere Pro CS5.5

      (I also own the CS5 suite, student edition)


      Forgive if this has already been posted. I have scoured the web (& these forums) for the answer without luck.




      I can take screenshots if that helps.


      Anyone? Begs...