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    Import from USB Sony DCR-DVD110e


      Hi all,


      I am new PE10 and need some help.


      I bought PE10 as the iMovie that comes with the Mac OSX could not handle HD movies very well.  I have now updated all my HD library in the organiser and now I'm moving on the non HD stuff.  I still have the mini DVD discs to import and I can't manage to import a single disc unfortnately.  I have connected the camcorder, a Sony DCR-DVD110e via USB to the iMac and PE10 does not recognise it.  I movie does, and I was able to import the entire disc.  The camcorder does not have a DV port, only USB.  Is there a way to import the disc into PE 10?  I also tried to insert the mini DVD disc into a shared drive on another PC and PE10 did access the drive.  After some time PE10 tells me that the files are corrupted.  This can't be as the mini disc plays well on all devices.


      How I can import/capture the mini DVD from the camcorder via USB?


      You help is appreciated.


      Thanks and kind regards