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    capturing not working anymore

    Chris Nierop Level 1

      Here's the problem.

      When I try to import a DV tape into PPRO 5.5, normally I  "capture", and a window to capture pops up.

      Trying to do so now, there is no pop up window to capture, so capturing is not possible.

      I did recover windows to an earlier point, just to try.

      I did reinstall PPRO 5.5.


      Starting my DV recorder, PPRO 5.5 automatically starts up. So there is an connection between the recorder and PPRO 5.5

      Trying to capture with my old PPRO 2.0, the capture window pops up in PPRO 2.0 as it should.


      But when I try to capture in PPRO 5.5, the capture popup window does'n't appear. This problem I didn't have before.


      Any suggestions what to try. or what could be the problem here?


      Best regards Chris

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Hi Chris,


          I have no idea what happened with your system, but maybe using the restore point has some impact.


          You have checked the cables, they are OK, PR 2.0 captures OK, Windows apprarently recognizes the deck by starting CS5.5 so my feeling is 'something' causes PR to not start the capture engine. The only thing I can offer, as bothersome as it is, is to deactivate CS5.5, uninstall, run Clean Script a couple of times, rebooting in between, install, activate and update. Then check you are still using the Legacy driver.


          Sorry I can't offer anything else or better.

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Try different software...

            SD capture http://windv.mourek.cz/ or http://www.scenalyzer.com/main.html or http://www.exsate.com/products/dvcapture/

            Do note that the demo version of ScenalyzerLive puts a watermark in the files it creates

            - I'm told that the OLD version of Scenalyzer is freeware... check the download page for details

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              Are you just waiting for the window to open, or are you hitting the F5 key to open it manually?

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                Chris Nierop Level 1

                I tried it several ways:

                Go to:    file - capture     result:  capturewindow not opening

                F5:                                    result     capturewindow not opening


                The strange thing is it worked before.

                I did completely removed PPRO 5.5. with adobe cleaner and installed the complete PPRO 5.5 again, and updated is.

                But no postive result.

                I cannot capture anymore with PPRO 5.5.



                PPRO does respond on the recorder, when I start the recorder, PPRO starts to open as it ueually does.

                So there is a working connection. Only the captureengine doenot start


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                  Powered by Design Level 4

                  If you DONT attatch the camera can you get the capture window to come up with F5 ?



                  Maybe a camera setting has been changed.




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                    Chris Nierop Level 1

                    As it seems now I did install scenalyzer and this one operates well.

                    I don't understand why PPRO stopped working, but I am used to  troubles whit this very bad develloped programm .

                    As one of the problems I have, I also can't "export to tape" and have to use my old system ,working on PPRO 2.0 for exporting to tape.


                    As stated in earlier discussions, this option in PPRO 5.5 is not working as well, despite I have done everything suggested by this forum about this subject.

                    So a question arise, when I deside to leave capture in Adobe for what is is (not), and the same time I can solve the export problem I probally can switch to another import and export programm  .


                    Scenanalyzer only capture from tape, so this one gives not the solution on both problems.

                    Is there a (not to expennsive) programm around with which can import  from tape and export to tape as well? I couldn't find it on the internet, or they are complete editing software.


                    The suggested wind.,mourek by John is not supported anymore and the existing download doesnot work on my system (Probally not working with a 64 bit system). This one should im- as well as export to/from tape.

                    Exsate also only capture from tape.