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    Numeric field displaying incorrect data on its greying out!

    srinivas1506 Level 1



      I have put a NUMERIC field on the form, its under testing phase, fine.

      Now user is entering a number as "1" in this field and submitting(pls. note the SUBMITting is no doing by using/clicking the adobes SUBMIT button, in fact we did not put  the adobes SUBMIT button on our form at all) to FIRST LEVEL approval via workflow (not adobes workflow)


      So, when the approvers opens the form, the approver can see this field as GREYED OUT ( we did this by using java script in docReady event by using color as "192,192,192" as below,

      ui.oneOfChild.border.fill.color.value = "192,192,192" ), fine.


      But, the approver is seeing some text (RRS_BSART) instaed of the user entered number "1"


      Pls. let me kow how to fix it?