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    Newbie Needs Help! :o)

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      I'm trying to get a pattern to go down the length of my web pages side bars.  I created an 20hx180w image just using a basic fill.  I am then running the image with a repeat-y command down the sidebars however it looks "choppy" (for lack of a better term).  Is there a way to smooth the fills so they "tile" on top over one another with out the "choppiesness"?


      Thanks In Advance!

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          I'd suggest that you include the image in your question. (You can add this to your original posting by choosing "Edit" from the Actions menu... then there'll be a Camera icon in the text editor, which allows you to insert images.) Also, it might be helpful to indicate what software you used to create the image—and how you created it, unless that's obvious—as well as any other software you have at your disposal (e.g., Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.).

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            Yes an image would really help us understand what you are after. You can try to create a tiling image many different ways, depending on the kind of fill you are dealing with. There's no built in way to make an image tile, though, but you might be able to use "Seamless Tile" found here: http://fireworks.abeall.com/extensions/commands/Modify




            Aaron Beall