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    ESTK vs UI script behavior

    Jump_Over Level 5


      I observed some differents in script behavior depends on running from ESTK or InDesign script palette.

      Script is working with 2 docs, but one of them is hidden (no window layout).

      Read data from hidden one are used for seting pageItems on second (visible, active) one.


      Both ways script work with no errors, but some read data are incorrect when I run from ESTK, so some of built pageItems looks different.

      Script is saved before run.


      Are some app.preferences ommited when script goes from ESTK?

      It looks like some default properties for textFrames..., tables..., others objects..., add() method are based on different sets,

      depends on where I start script to work from.


      What should I pay attention at?


      Thx to all with patience..