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    Video Stuttering


      Recently installed a new motherboard, processor & video card. Now Premiere CS3 won't playback video from the timeline smoothly. Project size doesn't matter - the video playback stutters with small or large projects. I've only got 2 Gig of ram, but that's what I've been using for years with no problems. Running XP 32 bit, but new processor I installed is an AMD Athlon 3500, which is 64 bit. Video card is a GEForce 6200 NVIDIA AGP with 256 mb DDR2. Uninstalled all of CS3 and re-installed everything.


      Has anyone run in to this before? Any help much appreciated.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What kind of video (see below) and does your project exactly match your video?


          Also, how many hard drives and do you have your projects and video files on your 2nd (at least) hard drive?


          Read Bill Hunt on a file type as WRAPPER http://forums.adobe.com/thread/440037

          What is a CODEC... a Primer http://forums.adobe.com/thread/546811

          What CODEC is INSIDE that file? http://forums.adobe.com/thread/440037


          Report back with the codec details of your file, use the programs below... a screen shot works well to SHOW people what you are doing


          For PC http://www.headbands.com/gspot/ or http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/en




          Once you know exactly what it is you are editing, report back with that information... and your project setting, and if there is a red line above the video in the timeline, which indicates a mismatch between video and project


          My 3 hard drives are configured as...

          1 - 320Gig Boot for Win7 64bit Pro and all program installs

          2 - 320Gig data for Win7 swap file and video project files

          When I create a project on #2 drive, the various work files follow,

          so my boot drive is not used for the media cache folder and files

          3 - 1Terabyte data for all video files... input & output files (*)

          (*) for 4 drives, drive 3 all source files & drive 4 all output files


          Search Microsoft to find out how to redirect your Windows swap file





          Trying to use only ONE Hard Drive for Video Editing


          You are a music conductor, with a baton that you use to point to various parts of the orchestra... this is like Windows pointing to various parts of the hard drive to do Windows housekeeping or to load program segments for various functions


          Now, at the same time and with the same hand... while still using the baton to conduct the orchestra... pick up a bow and play a fiddle... this would be doing something with your video file at the same time as all the other work


          You as a person cannot do both at the same time with the same hand


          A computer is a LITTLE better, in that it can switch from one kind of task to another very quickly... but not quickly enough for EASY video editing


          You need AT LEAST two hard drives (separate drives, never a partition http://forums.adobe.com/thread/650708 for more) with Windows (or Mac OS) and software on your boot drive, and video files on a 2nd drive so the boot drive is not slowed down by trying to do everything


          I find that the three drives I use work very well for me, for editing AVCHD video... some people use a 4th drive, so video INPUT files are on drive three and all OUTPUT files are on drive four... I only bought a mid-tower case instead of a full tower case (my bad... but had to fit in the space available on my office desk!) so I use the three drives that will fit


          Depending on your exact hardware (motherboard brand & model AND USB2 enclosure brand & model AND external hard drive brand & model) AND the type of video file, you may... or may NOT... be able to use an external USB2 hard drive for SD (Standard Definition) video editing


          Steve Grisetti in the Premiere Elements forum http://forums.adobe.com/thread/856208 and Jim Simon in the Premiere Pro forum http://forums.adobe.com/thread/856433 use USB externals for editing


          A USB3 hard drive connected to a motherboard with USB3 is supposed to be fast enough for video editing (I don't have such, so don't know) but eSata DOES have a fast enough data transfer for video editing... I have not used the eSata Dock below... for reference only, YMMV and all the usual disclaimers


          http://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-BlacX-eSATA-Docking-Station/dp/B001A4HAFS/ref=cm_cmu_pg_ t

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            jmorr1724 Level 1

            My drives are as follows


            160 gb boot for Windows and programs

            120 gb for more programs

            80 gb for swap file

            5 TB RAID setup for all files and data


            It doesn't matter what kind of video we play. This is my clients computer he does high resolution film and photography. I went to install a new video card for him and the next thing I know the motherboard, processor, and power supply were all fried. So I installed and new mobo, processor, and PS. Got everything working back properly except Premiere CS3. When ever he tries to playback any kind of video it stutters the music keeps playing but the video keeps getting hung up. I'm thinking about upgrading to 4GB of RAM which I know wouldn't hurt but times are tuff in the world to day and I would hate for him to spend the money and the problem persist. I know one thing that before everything got fried his system was working fine. Now everything is good except the one program he uses the most (go figure).  

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Make sure that all device drivers, especially graphics card, are updated... from the vendor web sites, not from Windows update!

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                jmorr1724 Level 1

                I did that when I first got everything together. Do you think I should try reinstalling all drivers?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  I would check the driver versions/dates are current. Then, if not, update the outdated drivers. For video and audio drivers, the mfgrs. issue updates at about 1 per month.


                  Good luck,



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                    jmorr1724 Level 1

                    Just got finished updating the drivers and the problem is still happening. I just don't get it. And to make things worst I called Adobe and they said they can't help me because they don't support CS3 anymore. I just don't know what to do. Maybe more RAM? A differrnt video card? And another thing is I can playback video on Premiere Pro 1 and it works fine. I can play video from dvd and it also works fine. Everything else works fine. The only thing that is giving me a problem is when I playback video. Photoshop works perfect. All of CS3 works just not Premiere.......... It feels like the answer is staring at me in the face but I just can't seem to figure it out......

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                      jmorr1724 Level 1

                      Is there no one out there that would know what to do !!!!!!!! This is driving me crazy.

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                        Jeff Bellune Level 5

                        Have you tested the data throughput of your RAID?


                        Have you disabled any on-access anti-malware scanners?


                        Have you disabled Windows Indexing?


                        It *does* matter what type of video you're trying to play.  What formats/codecs have you tried?  HD or SD?



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                          Jim_Simon Level 9

                          It doesn't matter what kind of video we play.


                          Still, it's helpful if you list out the specifications of the media you are using.