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    SmartFix not accessible with 'Premiere Elements 10' Mac OSX Lion




      I've just bought Premiere Elements 10 for Mac OSX Lion and here is my problem:


      I crossed the option 'do not show again'  for the SmartFix command once, and now I cannot use it anymore. Meaming that the command is greyish and not accessible for whatever film type or picture I use!

      I check the .prefs file in /Library/ and /Users/'myusername'/Library/ but found nothing about SmartFix.


      I uninstalled Premiere Element, removed both Adobe directories from /Users/'myusername'/Library/Application Support/ and /Library/Application Support/ and install Premiere Element once more. But still, the SmartFix command is greyish and not available!


      Is there a preference file somewhere else than in /Library or /Users/'myusername'/Library?

      How can I set all preferences (and SmartFix) to their default value?


      Thanks in advance for your help!