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    Red and Green Problem


      Hi everyone,


      I've suddenly started having a weird problem. Some clips play in the program window and render with either blank red or blank green filling all the frame.


      It happens intermitently. Sometimes I can play the clip all the way through or render it without it happening, other times it happens right from the start.




      I'm using the same settings I've been using for months with no problem.




      Does anyone have any idea what the cause might be?


      Thanks in advance

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Untick Maximum Bit Depth.

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            AnnCha11 Level 1

            Thank you for the reply.


            I tried doing that, both in sequence settings and in export settings before I render, but still the same problem.


            What's really weird is that it happens at different points in the clip each time.

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              AnnCha11 Level 1

              My Premier version is CS5 5.0.3


              Running on Mac OS X 10.7.2


              Input is AVCHD. Output to .Mov Photo JPEG.

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                Powered by Design Level 4

                Mac has a 5.0.4 update


                try updating first.


                It probably wont fix the problem but at least you will have the latest version.




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                  AnnCha11 Level 1

                  Thanks, I just updated, but still the same.

                  Luckily it only happens on some clips.

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                    Tomislav Zidanic

                    I am having the same problem in CS6. Red and green blank frames. Premiere put those frames inside of the clip in my timeline but also in clip in my bin. Then I have do remove that clip from bin and import it again. That is the only solution I found so far.

                    mts files, 1080i.

                    Any other ideas?

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                      SFL46 Level 3

                      What is the input media format?  For HDV material, if there is a video drop out in a GOP during capture, the capture software substitutes a solid red frame to alert you to the drop. When this has happened to me, the audio track was captured okay and the red frames marked where the video wasn't captured.  I guess its done this way to keep the audio sync intact over the entire clip???? 

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                        Tomislav Zidanic Level 1

                        There is no drop out frames. Media is imported ok and it is fine.

                        For example, I have clip on my timeline that is playing ok and nothing is wrong with it. After some time, I get red or green frame(s) in it. Just like that.

                        Sometimes, instead of green and red frames, video just begin to stutter. Premiere simply damage my clip - with stuttering or with red and gren frames.


                        Yesterday I got red frame in one of my clips. But then, after a few seconds, that frame just dissapear by itself. I didn't have to import my footage again like I need usual.

                        I think there is defenitely a bug inside Premiere CS6.

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                          Harm Millaard Level 7

                          I think there is defenitely a bug inside Premiere CS6.


                          or a MAC feature.

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                            Tomislav Zidanic Level 1

                            I'm sure it's not a MAC feature - I'm on PC...

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                              AnnCha11, did you ever figure it out? We have 4 editors at our studio and we are all experiencing it as well and it's driving us insane. We've tried everything to get rid of them and are not having much luck. Thinking about moving back to Final Cut. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks,

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                                Tomislav Zidanic Level 1

                                Walshshane, I had the same problems working with AVCHD 1080i/25 (Panasonic camcorder) in my RAID 0 (2 x Hitachi 7200rpm) as I mentioned above. When working with MOV, MPEG2, MP4 files - no problem. My collegue worked with same AVCHD files but he had RAID 0 array of 4 disks (= faster reading media) and did not experience such problems. I think problem could be in hdd speed. Having a faster hdd (RAID 0 array) allows Premiere to read media files faster without missing frames.


                                On the other hand, I work most with AVCHD 1080p/50 format from my VG20 and never had a problem with it despite it has a double frame rate. But this projects are mainly smaller than project mentioned above.


                                When you think about it it does have sense.

                                Files are storaged all over your disks plates (assuming you don't have SSD).

                                Files on your timeline are probably not in the same order as they are written to your disk.

                                For example, lets say you have 100 clips on your disk written in order from clip 1 to clip 100. But their order on your timeline is clip 1, clip 100, clip 10, clip 90, etc.

                                The more files you have, disk needs more time to jump, find and read that exact file where CTI currently is.


                                Try with faster hdd array.

                                Maybe I am wrong, but it seems like a logical solution.

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                                  Is there a solution to this? I have the same issue, but only in the preview window and the entire window is green or red.

                                  Export seems fine.


                                  My set up: PP 6.0.3, Win7 SP1 x64, 12 GB ram, i7 920 processor, Nvidia GTX 570 running hardware MEP.


                                  It only seems to happen on 1080i AVCHD files. 1080P AVCHD files are fine and the timeline is MUCH snappier.

                                  I wonder if it takes Premiere Pro longer to render the preview when it is interlaced?


                                  When I  switch to software MEP the entire clip needs to be rendered. (thin red line below timeline) 

                                  It then plays back very poorly. It flashes red, and the video playback studders ALOT.


                                  Hmmm, I will try to de-interlace by rendering the MTS files with AME, and import them back in.

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                                    shanewalsh Level 1

                                    It's been suggested to me that we may need to conform our source footage to 1080p and bring that into the timeline. Unfortunately this removes the main reason I had the team move to Premiere from FCP. With that said, Panasonic now has a plug in that allows you to bring in AVCHD footage directly into the timeline on FCP. So, I moved back to FCP 7 and I've never had the RED frame problem there. For the new year, I'm going to give FCPX a try and see how that works.

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                                      Digital-Frank Level 1

                                      Follow Up: (It worked!!)

                                      I  transcoded all the 1080i AVCHD to 1080P MP4 and everything is back to normal. No red/green and the time line is very quick to respond.


                                      I don't think the issue is AVCHD, as I always shoot 1080P / 720P AVCDH and it works great in Premiere.

                                      However 1080i seems to be troublesome. 2 years ago, I did a project with mixed cameras and its output format was only 1080i and I didn't thave the red/green issue, but the timeline was very slow. I think I used CS4.


                                      Anyways, I am using AME to transcode all my 1080i MTS files right now.

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                                        Jim_Simon Level 8

                                        You shouldn't have to transcode your footage.  1080i normally works just fine.  Something is definitely wrong here.

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                                          Digital-Frank Level 1

                                          I agree. However, I need to do what works so I can get these projects done.


                                          What format of 1080i has worked for you?

                                          Could you maybe upload a clip somewhere so I can see if my system works any different?


                                          Thanks in advance.


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                                            Jim_Simon Level 8

                                            My preferred service isn't working at the moment.  I'll try again tomorrow.