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    Converting to Word document

      Can RoboHelp html project be viewed while off-line. If so, how?

      I know this is probably a silly question, but I cannot find a simple way to do this anywhere. As it has already been noted, there is NO official RH assistance anywhere.
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi justme_123 and welcome to our community

          RoboHelp is capable of creating several output formats. All of them are capable of being viewed while off-line.

          Typically, you generate or compile the output and off you go. So where exactly are you having problems?

          Cheers... Rick
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            justme_123 Level 1
            That's great! I didn't know it would be that simple. After I compile the project files, how would the user access the files without internet or intranet accessibility.

            Thank you, I was excited to find out that this communicty existed.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              The user accesses the output files, not the project source.

              Word documents or PDFs, you send them to the user or administrator.

              CHMs. Same.

              WebHelp needs to installed on a website or intranet. It can be set up to run locally but it's not ideal.

              What's the scenario where your users don't have this access/

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                justme_123 Level 1
                Thank you.
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                  justme_123 Level 1
                  In answer to your question regarding the scenario of where the user would not have access, one of the requirements for the documentation was that it could be viewed without internet access. I don't have any further details that than.
                  As you can probably tell, I'm not the most technical person. I guess I need to investigate how the .chm files (whatever those are) work and other things. This is just the beginning. I'm beginning to be a little saddened.
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                    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                    Why saddened?

                    You can generate a printed document. Funnily enough documents are really meant to be printed! Using them online is not what they were intended for and if the customer specifies internet and intranet are not options, that only leaves either printing them of putting them somewhere on a network.

                    Similarly the online help does not HAVE to be on an internet or intranet site. It can be on the local PC if you generate a CHM. It won't look as good but the customer has crippled you there if they will not let you use webhelp.

                    What is it that is saddening you?

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                      justme_123 Level 1
                      I'm a little saddened because I'm not familiar enough with the tecnicalities of web development to completely understand what's going on, therefore it takes forever plus one day to figure out how everything works.
                      For example, when you say that when RH7 creates .chm files. I had to investigate what those are, I now now they are compiled help files. yea! I'm also saddened because RH7 does not provide adequate training material other than the basics, which are easy enough to figure out.
                      Now I need to determine how the user can access these files.
                      I have to give a demo of RH7 and it's qualities to meet requirements Thurs. morning to a bunch of DBA's (a very intellegent bunch of techies). I have to sound like I know what I'm talking about. I've only been here a week and I'm a little stressed.
                      So...in a nutshell...that's why I'm a little saddened. Sorry to ramble on so.... Thank you for your help!!!

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                        Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                        OK so it's all new to you by the sound of it which means the issues you have faced are inevitable. Finding out all this stuff does take time.

                        In Tools | Options, you can select to use the offline help. That is better than the online help.

                        See the article on my site about RH7. At the bottom there are links to a wealth of information.

                        Visit http://www.robowizard.com and take a look around there. The Scrys are articles that will help you. There are downloadable files with tons of information.

                        Sorry but you cannot expect to be an expert on day one. If it was that easy, it would soon bore you and then you would be sad.

                        Of all the software I use, RH has one of the best user forums so come back as you need to.

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                          justme_123 Level 1
                          Thank you very much for your assistance. You've been very helpful.