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    How to place multiple images automatically into placed graphic boxes?


      Hello, I am in need of a way to post multiple pictures automatically into graphic boxes that are already drawn on a page. I made a sample layout of what I'm dealing with here: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B2In6Nms_2-1Y2FwYUc1WE1UYy0zQXZUQ2Jlb2lrdw.


      I would like to choose a library a photos and have them automatically placed into these boxes going left to right, top to bottom. The pictures would be placed in alphabetical order of the filename.


      I'm working with two facing pages at a time, or sometimes many pages in a linked document. So if it could be flowed page to page that is great, or if it can only be one page at a time that is ok too.


      How can I go about doing this? I think this is something that can be done with a script? Thank you for any input you all have!

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          TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Is the script creating the frames? If so, just assign each frame a

          variable, or make them all into an array. Then use something like:




          If the script is not creating the frame, then are they live frames on

          the page, or are they actually on a master page?


          If they're on master spreads, you'll have to release them to the page

          you want. (I think it's myMasterFrame.override(myPage) where myPage is

          the live page you want to detach them on, but you'll have to double

          check that.)


          But presuming they're regular detached frames on a page, if you want

          your script to figure out which is the first and which is the second you

          can either use script labels in the UI and then search for the script

          label, or else you'll have to write a function that will get all

          rectangles on the page (myPage.rectangles.everyItem().getElements() and

          either do a clever javascript sort, or write a straightforward function

          to sort them by height and x-pos.


          Hope that sheds some light on the task ahead!