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    Extension Manager CS5.5 and Exchange downloads


      I recently purchased the CS5.5 Master Collection. In the Extension manager I clicked on the "Exchange" button and was sent to my Adobe login page. I proceeded to login, but then it cycles back to the login page, even though I'm already logged in. I was able to download 1 extension just fine, the rest, (buy it now or free) just send me back to the login page, even though I am clearly already logged in. I can not get any extensions other than the 1, to download. All I ever get is back to the login page. Any clues?


      Seeking Flash extensions


      System Spec:

      OS=Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

      32 GB RAM

      4TB HDD (Raid 1)

      Intel i7 Quad

      Quad monitor system



      There are other links this happens with also. If really wanted, I COULD see how many fail, I'm under the impression I have about a 50/50 chance of success.


      I think it has something to do with Adobe's website. From within my "My Adobe "account, I get the same behavior when I click on either link:


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