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    Noise reduction for VHS source


      I am trying to edit video clips captured from VHS tapes made years ago.  I wonder what is the best practice, or a quick and easy way to de-noise the video, particularly the wave-like video stripes at the bottom of the screen.



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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I use DE:noise from RE:vision effect but that will not adress the wave-like video.

          Could try AE's Warp Stabilizer for that.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            For the Tracking Error, seen as the horizontal band of noise at the bottome of the Frame, you might be best to Scale UP the Clip a bit (Fixed Effect>Motion>Scale), and then use a bit of Motion>Position, to effectively "crop" off that bottom material. Note, with the Scale, you will also effectively "crop" a bit from one side, or both.


            For video noise, I often use Neat Video, but it does take a bit of work, plus adds noticeable time to Renders and Exports.


            Good luck,



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              paddyz123 Level 1

              I played with the scaling as suggested by Hunt.  I found at about 103%, it just leaves a clean screen without sacrificing too much contents.  Nice trick!  Thank you Hunt!

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                I am not a big fan of Scaling Up, but with the VHS material, that I have worked with, the adjustment was about what you needed, and worked fine. With Motion>Position, one can effectively "crop" the noise out, at about 1/2 of the Scale, as one is Scaling the total vertical (and horizontal), so with a nudge down, to the top of the VHS Frame, the noise is "cut off."


                Good luck, and glad that it worked.




                PS - with overscan on a TV (even newer HD units still have a bit), more of that noise will likely be cut off, except for broadcast monitors.